Weight Loss Success Improved with Weight Maintenance

Dieters that have an understanding of ways to maintain a consistent weight prior to starting a weight loss plan are less likely to put the weight back on than individuals that jump into rigid eating plans, research has shown.

Analysts discovered that people that first discovered how to control their body weight in a relaxed manner lose similar weight as crash dieters, but remained trim over time.
On the other hand, individuals that began dieting from the moment they made a decision to lose weight find it difficult to maintain the reduced weight after their diet period.

Scientists from Stanford University split 267 obese or overweight females into two groups.
The first group promptly launched a 20-week weight loss schedule, and the other group initially
 devoted 8 weeks to understanding less demanding “weight maintenance” strategies.
The research, released in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology,
indicated that each group lost an average of around 17lbs. The group that implemented the weight maintenance path ahead of their 20-week diet regime gained on average only 3lbs in the following 12 months, while those that dieted first gained 7lb in the following year.
Study leader, Dr Michaela Kiernan said the 8 weeks are like a practice run.
The women were able to take a look at various stability skills with no pressure of having to worry about how many pounds they were losing. It was discovered that waiting for 8 weeks did not result in the women being less successful at shedding pounds, yet women that practiced stability initially are better at maintaining this loss in the following year.

News Source: http://newswestmidlands.com/weight-loss-success-improved-with-weight-maintenance


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