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Always bear in mind the health benefits of weight loss

Healthiest weight loss strategy is not a weight loss crash diet or heavy lots of physical exercise for fast and immediate weight loss. The human body likes adapting to very slow but steady changes when it comes to foods, diet, physical body exercise and weight loss.

For instance, someone who has not done physical exercise for some time now, say for years should not quickly jump into running miles a day or pounding the treadmill in the nearby gym or fitness center. Not only will the struggle to do so leave you feeling dis-heartened and de-motivated, you are also far more likely to harm yourself and set your fitness levels back more.

The same goes for people who rapidly begin starving themselves. Diets and foods that strictly limit calories or the types of food acceptable can lead you to be lacking in the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs for growth, replenishment.

If you need to lose weight, then follow healthy weight loss plan and fitness pattern?
Energy requirement and weight-loss

The human body makes use of food for energy. It stores any surplus energy as fat in the fat tissue called adipose tissues. This means if you eat more rations than your body needs for daily physical activities and body cell maintenance, you will certainly gain more body weight and hence may start seeking guideline for healthy weight loss.

In order to lose weight, you need to get your body to use up these stores of fat. The most efficient way to do this is to:

    trim down the amount of calories you eat daily
    amplify your levels of bodily physical activity.

This is why weight loss and fitness experts talk about weight loss in terms of diet and physical body exercises.
Bring in changes slowly but surely

Little changes can make a large distinction. One additional biscuit a week can lead you to weight gain of about 5lb for one year – slash that biscuit out of your diet and you will lose the same amount of body weight.

You are also more probable to attach to, say e.g. exchanging full-fat milk for semi-skimmed or making time for breakfast each morning than a diet that sets rules for all diets.

You should think of weight loss in terms of undyingly changing your eating dieting habits. While weight loss targets are frequently set in terms of weekly periods, the end game is to maintain these body changes over months and years, i.e. lifestyle change for life for weight loss.

Increase your activity levels

Some-one, who increases the level of they physical body exercise, but maintains the same diet and calorie intake, will approximately definitely lose body weight.

No matter if you hate fitness activities or gym centers – even very little light physical bodily exercise, like a short 20-minute brisk walk, will be very very beneficial if done most days of the week as part of goals/targets for weight loss..

Each time you do physical body exercise more than normal, you burn out more calories and fat.

There are many ways to augment the quantity of physical activity you do in a day. Team sports, racket sports, aerobics classes, running, walking, swimming and cycling will all improve your fitness levels and facilitate your weight loss plan.

Locate something you take pleasure in that's easy for you to do in terms of site and price. You are then more likely to build it into your habit and carry with physical body exercise, regardless of unavoidably missing the odd sessions through holidays and family commitments.

    You can get out and about at the week-end. Leave your car on the drive and walk down to the shopping malls. Attempt to integrate longer walks duration into outings to the car park, coast or country-side and take a picnic, so you will be in charge of what you are going to eat that very day.
    Each extra foot step you take helps you to lose weight and become healthier. Constantly make use of the stairs instead of the electric floor lift or escalator, or get out off the bus some meters before the bus stop and walk the rest of the way down to your destination. This adds to your overall health and builds your way to lose weight.

   Make use of advert breaks between Television programs to stand up and move your body, do some little physical exercise, or think of making use of an aerobic exercise bicycle inside the living room while still watching your most favorite TV channels or program.

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During weight loss cut down your calorie consumption

Weight loss tips - write down your weight loss plan and target

If you are currently overweight or relatively obese, you cannot to continue with your current poor/bad eating habits which are really causing your excessive body weight. If you sincerely want to lose weight, then you have to amend your diet for weight loss.

It's not likely to cut body fat while eating loads of food, sweetened cakes and sweets. This does not mean you cannot have any treats at all, but you require studying how to reduce these foods to smaller quantities especially during special occasions like socials or weekends.

In terms of weight loss, you can get your body to make use of obtainable stores of fat by eating lesser and making healthier choices especially adding physical exercise for faster weight loss.

This does not imply crash diet or fad weight loss diets (anything less than 1,500 calories), which generally ends up with you also getting weaker or giving up in extreme anxiety. Quick fix weight-loss diets can lead to a temporary effect of extreme weight loss followed by body weight gain, leading to fruitless efforts towards weight loss.

There are no healthy shortcuts to losing body weight in a healthy manner and rational way.

Consumption of about 300 to 500 calories of energy lesser per everyday should lead to a weight loss of between one and two pounds in one week. This is a sensible weightloss target. It may appear sluggish, but it would add up to healthy weight loss.

Fatty foods/diet contains the most amounts of calories out of all the food varieties (protein, carbohydrates), so a very good way to attain this is to reduce fatty foods intake and eat more wholegrain bread, fruit and vegetables for healthy weight loss.

Here are some healthy ways to cut down calorie intake without having to modify your daily diet considerably.

    Substitute fizzy drinks and fruit cordials with table water.
    Exchange whole milk for semi-skimmed, or semi-skimmed for skimmed.
    Eat lesser lunch than usual. For instance, make your own sand-wich and limit the use of margarine or butter and full-fat mayonnaise (store-bought sandwiches often contain both hence bad for weight loss).
    Stop taking sugar in tea and coffee.
    Have smaller portions of the food you enjoy.
    Keep away from having a second helping at dinner.
    Cut out un-healthy treats – such as confectionary, sugary sweetened biscuits and crisps in between meals.
    Cut down on alcohol drinks intake.

All these things will influence your health in a very positive way.

In conclusion, do not be tempted to miss breakfast – or any other meal in order to lose weight. While skipping a meal will decrease your calorie ingestion for that particular hour, it will leave you much hungrier later on and hence you may consume more and gain more weight, and you will as well make unhealthy choices in order to compensate for the hunger: a cereal bar is not as healthy as a bowl of cereal or as filling, leading you to 'need' something extra for lunch as a compensation for your starvation.

Unbalanced eating diet habit will also interrupt your body's basal metabolism, which makes it harder for your efforts in weight loss.

weight loss tips weightloss plan

Weight loss tips - write down your weight loss plan and target

As soon as you have made your choices on what life style changes you are going to make towards your weight loss, then go ahead and put them down in writing on your weight loss diary. For instance, here shows a typical weight loss plan starting from week one (1):

Week 1

    Physical body exercise: 20 minutes, walk every lunch hour for about 30 minutes.
    Alcohol: no intake/consumption of alcoholic drinks for the week, two small glasses of red wine on Friday evening or night after daily work at least one hour before bed time, Saturday, Sunday.

    Food: no chocolate or sweetened biscuits in the week, choose healthy snacks such as fiber fruit, trim all fat from red meat, eat no fried or fast food like hot dog, cake, meat pies.

    For each week list your weight loss goals regarding alcohol, physical body exercise and your weight loss diet plan.

    Every day should then be listed in a simple weight loss chart and items you have had should be clearly written down. It is also imperative to make a note of your frame of mind and any explanation you would like to get off your chest for every day as you progress in your weight loss.
During weight loss, be patient and steadfast

It may take a week long or two weeks of weight loss efforts before you will start to see/observe any changes or reduction in weight, but the expected weight loss features will certainly and steadily manifest. Following the first month of your weight loss plan, you will be able to start seeing the weight lost results and then be able to measure the results you have attained with respect to looser fitting clothes sizes and dresses.

Charging your motivation and zeal up is one of the most complex parts of dieting for weight loss. There will be some days when healthy eating will certainly be forgotten, and there will be some weeks where you may not see any weight loss result at all, or you may even observe little gain in body weight.

This is quiet normal for anyone trying to lose weight or just dieting for health, so do not allow this to drag your zeal back and put your mood down. You are not doing anything wrong in your weight loss efforts, but you may have revisit and examine your weight loss plan once again. You may have to ask yourself the following important questions: Do you need to adjust your physical activity levels to meet up with your weight loss target for the week? Make a little more adjustments to the diet? Increase your towards strictly adhering to your plans to lose weight.

One thing you have to note is, make sure you always celebrate your goal in weight lose or weight reduction each time you made a progress. Each time you weigh yourself on the weight scale, and you see any reduction in body weight, make sure you reward yourself and celebrate your weight loss goals attained by getting new size clothing/dress for yourself, or you give yourself some little break from domestic activities or household chores.

When you attain the new weight of your dream, celebrating with friends and loved ones will actually help you in some ways. They will serve as motivator for you, they will encourage you to lose more weight, they will be reminding of certain foods to avoid and other lifestyle that will not be favorable for your weight loss.
Health benefits of weight loss

Several researches have shown that body over weight women or obese women (women suffering from obesity) who lose body weight between 10lb and 20lb reduces by ½-halve their health risk of developing the disease called diabetes. For men of the same body weight, their risk of cardiac/heart related problems decreases remarkably.

Usually, individuals tend gain body weight as age increases. A few pounds or Kg or Lbs over the years may not raise a concern, but those who gain more body weight than 20lb as compared to their body weight as at 18-years-old will quickly raise their danger of healthiness problems owing to that additional body weight. In particular, women generally increase their danger of heart attack and double their risk of dying from cancer as their weight increases with aging. This may not be unconnected with the female steroid hormones of estrogen, progesterone and steroids – hormones augmenting increase in body weight.

By controlling your body weight within the healthy body weight limit, you are less likely to worry about the weight related sickness. There are health benefits of weight loss.

health, diet and weight loss how to lose weight without cutting your diet

Health, diet and weight loss - How to lose weight without cutting your diet

Let us have a good and healthy look at one of the good example of a successful weight loss without having to cut down on your diet and thereby attaining your weight loss target in a model approach of no-diet weight loss program as being viewed to be one of the healthiest ways to lose weight without losing your body.
Here is a weight loss instance, “An old woman, 45-years old complains that she has steadily added some weight making her body weight to have increased to about 12 pounds since the last year when she compared her weight with the previous year’s body weight. In the past month of the year, she had been challenged with work demands that as very stressful and that contributed to her increase in body weight to the weight of about 4 pounds to her body frame.

 In the weight gain-weight loss case above, the woman’s weight loss target to lose weight to the weight of about 16 pounds, the weight of which she has gained over the time.  As her body weight has been gradually rising, she knows that she is consuming more energy/calories than she is burning out, particularly with respect to her inactive lifestyle and job. She, as a matter of healthy living decides that body weight loss of 1 pound weight loss for one week (will be equal to a shortage of about 3,500 fat calories, or cutting 500 energy/fat calories for a day) would be acceptable and would allow her to reach her weight loss goal in about 4 months time.

 She chose to create some lifestyle changes that will assist her to cut back an average body weight of 250 fat/energy calories for a day.

Here are some of the few simple weight loss and fat loss techniques applied to lose the body weight.
 Avoiding a glass of sugar sweetened iced tea will save about 200 calories of energy.

 Replacing soft drinks or mineral water for the sweetened empty calories cola drinks which she frequently drinks throughout executive meetings can save another 150 calories of energy or fat hence improving her weight loss efforts/weight result.

 Missing or skipping her morning breakfast usually muffin snack (or eating only half a muffin) can as well cut as much as 250 calories of fat energy or more.

In order for her to attain her weight loss or fat loss goal of about 500-calories-per-day savings, she decided to include some physical exercise to her lifestyle.

Waking up earlier for about 20-minutes leg walk before her work time and including about another 10-minutes walk during her lunch break in the office makes up  half an hour of physical activity of walking per day, which can burn about 200 calories of weight out of her body weight thereby facilitating her weight loss tips.

 On weekends outside work schedules, she plans to walk for 60 minutes in one  day and spend 1  hour working in the garden the for the next day burning out greater calories of fats and weight. If physical walking for 60-minutes is too much, two split 30-minutes walks per day would as well burn the same amount of weight or fat in the form calories.This can bring better weight loss results.

        Two times in a week she plans to stop over at the gym center on the way back home from work place, even if only for a 30 minutes of stationary cycling, thread milling or swimming (each burning off fats and weight off her body up to 250 calories of weight or fats).

 By building just a number of the dietary cutbacks outlined above and starting some fair physical body exercise, this person can effortlessly "save" the 3,500 calories of energy for a week which is just needed for just 1-pound weight loss, thereby leading to a healthy rate of natural body weight loss without excessive denial or deprivation of diet in order to lose weight. Additionally, her slight changes in diet and lifestyle are quiet small and steady, diet and lifestyle changes which she can maintain over a period of time.
Weight loss is important for health: Why is weight loss important?

Maintenance of a healthy body weight is vital for maintaining both physical and emotional well-being and preventing disease and sicknesses/ailments. Excessive body weight and obesity have been medically linked with an increased risk for numerous medical conditions, which include but not limited to:

 heart disease/coronary heart disease, angina pectoris,
 high blood pressure/hypertension,
 stroke/cerobrovascular accident (CVA),
diabetes mellitus,
osteoarthritis/calcium bone disorders,
 some types of cancers,
 sleep apnea,
and elevated blood cholesterol levels/hypercholesterolemia.

It is valuable to note that reduction in body weight - weight loss for those who are obese or over weight can have a good effect on the medical/health conditions mentioned. A lot of obese or overweight individual also show/manifest improved mood, increase in self-esteem, self worth and motivation, and having a feeling of being generally healthier following the successful and irreversible body fat loss and weight loss

weight loss fat loss workout health fitness diet tips

The weight loss-fat loss diet fitness exercise and health mistakes we make over and over

 Every so often, we all been there one time or another – that is taking a friend or a colleague out for lunch break and you were strongly hoping that you will strictly adhere and abide by your normal and regular healthy, weight loss and fat loss diet. So you place order for a spinach salad with some quantities of healthy living olive oil and vinegar dressing topped with well grilled chicken as source of protein. Just when you are about to feel pompous of yourself—after all, you have got some protein from the chicken part, weight loss enhancing fiber and healthy health antioxidants from the spinach and the mono-unsaturated fats/oil from the virgin olive oil—your friend’s pizza abruptly shows up. 
Now you are complaining since you want that pizza as well. What you are passing through now is a state of cognitive dissonance. You are trying to balance the menu choice you made which is constant with your weight loss, fat loss fitness goals as against the instant satisfaction of the pizza which will not, in the long run help one in weight loss, fat loss, healthy living and fitness. Something has to give and to be given out, and it is always you. You desire to stay the weight loss diet course but in the end you give in and split a dessert, hence undermining your healthy living desire, weight loss goals and your fat loss diet plan.

Most of us carry out this psychological/mind bargain blunder over and over again and it can impair our efforts towards our goals/targets for weight loss, fat loss, fitness and weightloss/fatloss healthy living. Whilst splitting partly a dessert is not going to damage an otherwise well planned weight loss diet or weight loss workout program plan, decline that grows and expands will certainly do. Decline is reverting back to unhelpful behaviors that may weaken your weight loss goals and fat loss target. And it may develop from the least weight loss failure to the gravest collapse of efforts in fat loss, obesity preventing and weight loss.

Let us carry on with the above circumstances and see where it may lead one to if decline in efforts in fat loss and weight loss diets/workouts were to develop and advance. After dessert you are feeling at fault because you fell off your weight loss fitness plan/program. At this moment, you can quickly leap right back on, but no not now, as you may think/or have thought, “I have ruined my weight loss healthy living diet at the moment, I can as well consume whatever I want to eat for dinner and then adjust back to healthy weight loss diet program tomorrow or the next few days. 
General and basic thought wisdom makes us understand that, ‘’if we are in a blind-end or an endless hole, we ought to stop digging further. Regrettably, logic does not frequently prevail when it comes to food and dieting for weight loss or fat loss. Tomorrow still comes and you will certainly carry over the poor eating/dieting habit to the following day and the next day after. Very soon the week comes to an end and certainly there are social functions/parties to attend, family meetings/gatherings, not a good time to be dieting for weight loss, healthy living or fat loss. “I will probably start on a fresh note on Monday Morning” is what that will certainly come to your mind and the time keeps rolling afar as your targets for weight loss keep drifting.

It is quiet easy to see how one’s mental bargain/argument/or analysis can be devastating and keeps one from achieving his/her weight loss, fat loss and healthy living goals. But there is a way out of this challenge.

You can just start by making using of a diet weight loss or fat loss log or weight loss journal to record not only what you eat but how you feel during those moments of enticement to deviate from your weight loss healthy living diet schedule or plan.
 Try and keep the weight loss diet journal up to date on a daily basis. This will allow you to assess and adjust your weight loss dieting and fat loss workouts in line with the progress which you’re making (or lack of) and renew your motivation for weight loss. This will make it harder to lengthen your period of waning, confining it to a single meal or at most one per day thereby helping your health and weight loss.

Secondly, since you are good at mind bargain, make an agreement to reward yourself for every good behavior that will add progress to your weight loss. For instance, if you make it through those appealing social moments like dinners out, assure yourself a new look or movie at the end of the working week. If you can psychologically alternate a substantial incentive for the instantaneous one represented by the not so healthy diet/weight loss diet choice, it becomes an easier bargain to handle and accept.

In conclusion, agree to the fact that you will slip up intermittently and cheat on your weight loss diet. But have a plan in place to reduce the break. Mastering that takes practice but if you do get it right back on the track, you will find that your self restraint/control will augment and it will become easier the next time you feel like declining and making your weight loss aim better for fitness.

Weight loss is not easy, and can never be easy, and weight loss/fat loss takes time, self discipline and proper health planning especially in the areas of weight loss diet, workout, fat loss and aerobic fitness exercises in order to keep your heart/cardiovascular system very healthy. Being thoughtful of the common errors that people make while trying to lose weight will also be very helpful to you in your healthy living efforts as well as fat loss and in weight loss.


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