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Weight loss tips - write down your weight loss plan and target

As soon as you have made your choices on what life style changes you are going to make towards your weight loss, then go ahead and put them down in writing on your weight loss diary. For instance, here shows a typical weight loss plan starting from week one (1):

Week 1

    Physical body exercise: 20 minutes, walk every lunch hour for about 30 minutes.
    Alcohol: no intake/consumption of alcoholic drinks for the week, two small glasses of red wine on Friday evening or night after daily work at least one hour before bed time, Saturday, Sunday.

    Food: no chocolate or sweetened biscuits in the week, choose healthy snacks such as fiber fruit, trim all fat from red meat, eat no fried or fast food like hot dog, cake, meat pies.

    For each week list your weight loss goals regarding alcohol, physical body exercise and your weight loss diet plan.

    Every day should then be listed in a simple weight loss chart and items you have had should be clearly written down. It is also imperative to make a note of your frame of mind and any explanation you would like to get off your chest for every day as you progress in your weight loss.
During weight loss, be patient and steadfast

It may take a week long or two weeks of weight loss efforts before you will start to see/observe any changes or reduction in weight, but the expected weight loss features will certainly and steadily manifest. Following the first month of your weight loss plan, you will be able to start seeing the weight lost results and then be able to measure the results you have attained with respect to looser fitting clothes sizes and dresses.

Charging your motivation and zeal up is one of the most complex parts of dieting for weight loss. There will be some days when healthy eating will certainly be forgotten, and there will be some weeks where you may not see any weight loss result at all, or you may even observe little gain in body weight.

This is quiet normal for anyone trying to lose weight or just dieting for health, so do not allow this to drag your zeal back and put your mood down. You are not doing anything wrong in your weight loss efforts, but you may have revisit and examine your weight loss plan once again. You may have to ask yourself the following important questions: Do you need to adjust your physical activity levels to meet up with your weight loss target for the week? Make a little more adjustments to the diet? Increase your towards strictly adhering to your plans to lose weight.

One thing you have to note is, make sure you always celebrate your goal in weight lose or weight reduction each time you made a progress. Each time you weigh yourself on the weight scale, and you see any reduction in body weight, make sure you reward yourself and celebrate your weight loss goals attained by getting new size clothing/dress for yourself, or you give yourself some little break from domestic activities or household chores.

When you attain the new weight of your dream, celebrating with friends and loved ones will actually help you in some ways. They will serve as motivator for you, they will encourage you to lose more weight, they will be reminding of certain foods to avoid and other lifestyle that will not be favorable for your weight loss.
Health benefits of weight loss

Several researches have shown that body over weight women or obese women (women suffering from obesity) who lose body weight between 10lb and 20lb reduces by ½-halve their health risk of developing the disease called diabetes. For men of the same body weight, their risk of cardiac/heart related problems decreases remarkably.

Usually, individuals tend gain body weight as age increases. A few pounds or Kg or Lbs over the years may not raise a concern, but those who gain more body weight than 20lb as compared to their body weight as at 18-years-old will quickly raise their danger of healthiness problems owing to that additional body weight. In particular, women generally increase their danger of heart attack and double their risk of dying from cancer as their weight increases with aging. This may not be unconnected with the female steroid hormones of estrogen, progesterone and steroids – hormones augmenting increase in body weight.

By controlling your body weight within the healthy body weight limit, you are less likely to worry about the weight related sickness. There are health benefits of weight loss.


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