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Un-healthy diets foods to avoid for health and weight loss

Some foods to keep away from in your effort to be healthy and live in health as well as have a successful weight loss plan in order to lose weight, cut down on calories, burn out fat for fat loss and be healthy.

Many groups of individuals get thrilled concerning a lot of things especially food, health and diet, but I’ve never in my life time met anybody who is delighted about being overweight or being obese or having fat tummy, flabby midsection/body trunk or fats around waist and thighs . 

I have though, met some friends and colleagues who are sick of the up and down roller-coaster of the so-called healthy meal plans to lose weight or diets to burn out fat or the popular burn the fat and feed the muscle. Rather than deal with more dieting dissatisfaction, some of these people wind up that living “large” is simply in the cards for them.

Giving up and deciding to spend the rest of your days (un-happily) overweight is not a healthy way to live a life. A choice like this can beat your self-worth into the ground and actually cut your life short. Far be it, you have a lot of things to do staying alive and healthy.

There is no magical formula or a supernatural power for losing weight or a divine clue to weight loss – if there were, everyone and their mothers would be slim, fit and healthy. But that’s not the case. Many people are still over weight, obese and unhealthy. The most excellent way to attain victorious weight loss results is to know what types of foods and weight loss unhealthy diets to keep out of your regular and daily diet.

Completely Avoid Processed Foods and Highly preserved foods
Processed and preserved foods are quiet cheap, handy and simple to prepare. Regrettably, these processed and preserved foods are pretty bad for your health and will certainly compound your weight loss obesity problems. Of course, you would never know this by watching and following those over bloated and hyped up television advertisements. 

Since processed food and preserved food diet makers and manufacturers are not going to give you the dirty aspects of the diet on the ingredients they use in processed foods, I will willingly and happily explain to you the dangers of processed foods/diets to your health and weight loss.
Let me start with Trans fat rich in processed foods. 

This food ingredient reduces good cholesterol, increases bad cholesterol (Low density Cholesterol), and can increase one risk of heart disease. Taking into consideration heart disease is one of the principal killers of men and women in the USA and around the world; trans fat which is high in processed and preserved foods is one ingredient you want to steer away from.

If you are wondering how heart diseases are linked with the trans-fat rich in processed foods, the high fructose corn syrup used in a number of of your much loved processed foods may be partly to fault. This food diet ingredient has been getting a whole lot of press attention lately due to the belief that t is a major player in the rising cases obesity epidemic and issues with weight loss.

Do not even get me to start discussing on the chemicals which the processed food manufacturers use in processing and packaging processed foods.

Cut down on excessive sugar consumption and eliminate sugar as much as you can.
The typical person eats about 150 pounds of sugar every year. When you reflect about the reality that sugar is in almost every thing, It is quiet easy to consume loads of sugar without even knowing it. So what is the big deal about sugar, diet, weight loss, obesity and health living? 

There is not adequate time in the 24 hour day for me to start telling you about the sugar metabolism in the body and all the attending damages which sugar can cause to your health: compounding your weight loss problem, increasing obesity, weight increase after pregnancy and low body immunity. Though, I can smartly give you a swift rundown especially sugar and weight loss.

Dietary Sugar contains nothing but loads of empty calories. When you consume a lot of sugar in your diet, a large portion of sugar in the diet quickly gets stored in the body as fat in the adipose tissues of the body where fats are being stored. If your goal is to slim down and lose weight, being sugar loving is not going to help you in healthy living and weight loss. 

This is not even the worst of it. Excessive sugar in diet can also depress the immune system of the body, promote the growth of cancerous cells/cancer cells, contributing to heart diseases/coronary heart diseases: angina pectoris, raise your risk of osteoporosis and make you look far older than your age especially due to combined physiologic degrading effects of sugar in diet and effects in retarding slim body and weight loss.

Avoid artificial Sweeteners and food flavors as much as you can.
Before you run out and stock your fridge with a bunch of those zero-calorie diet drinks, there is something you should know about your health, weight loss ambition and artificial sweeteners. The artificial sweeteners used in preparing diet drinks and other low/empty calorie products are manufactured in the laboratory; lab-created. Yes. You hear me quiet right – mixed up in a laboratory and loaded with high level free radicals that will trigger metabolites in the body and can cause disease progression, ageing and loss of weight-loss.

These artificial chemical food sweeteners has the ability of causing or contributing towards a long list of neuro-psychiatric disorders and chronic illnesses such as depression, anxiety, migraines, mood changes, panic attacks, vertigo, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, brain tumors and the list continues. And if you think you are going to lose some pounds of weight making using of artificial sweeteners, you have to have a re-think once and again. These artificial food sweeteners can stimulate your appetite and make you eat more food and gain more weight and lose in your effort in weight loss.

When you have tried diet upon diet especially weight loss diets and not one of them gives you the desired results, it can certainly make you want to give up. But you owe it to yourself and to your family to live the healthiest life possible and be healthy and well. Artificial and processed foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners are the main reason of weight gain and failure in weight loss.

As soon as you get rid of these foods from your diet, you will greatly advance your opportunity of losing weight and having successful weight-loss.

Make dieting disappointment a thing of the past. Let the Diet Solution Program arm you with the tools you need to create effective healthy meal plans to lose weight and live healthier.


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