Weight loss Mistakes to Avoid

Grave Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Would you want to know how one can lose weight up to the tune of 20 pounds just in two weeks? If you answered YES and truly seek for a successful weight loss program, then you should first of all have the clear knowledge of the mistakes to avoid when seeking to lose weight, which many people make when trying to lose weight fast.

Some of these mistakes which are common are not part of what I call the grave mistakes. The common ones like “don’t starve yourself, not drinking enough water, etc”… are already well known and I’ll skip them and give you the grave mistakes which if done will tell heavily on you and spoiling your target of losing weight.

Before starting to lose twenty pounds in two weeks, just remember it will come so easy, but the end justifies the means when you have a success story to tell if you can avoid these mistakes.
Mistake 1: Eating Heavily, then Targeting to “Make Up for It” at your Next Meal

This is very wrong and terribly bad. Your aim of weight loss will be jeopardized if you eat a lot for a meal then the next meal you don’t eat enough. The effect this has is that slows and slurs the body’s metabolic rate (Basal Metabolism). 
This is the reason why starvation-based weight loss plan don’t really work at the long run. There’s what we call pseudo weight loss: a situation whereby you first temporarily lose weight, and the body bounces back with heavier weight gain in compensation for the long period starvation. This is the “survival strategy” which the body adopts. Read on how weight loss was achieved in the 5th day here*

When that happens, it’ll retain extra fat to help you “survive”. So NEVER Try To Make Up For Eating Too Much.

Mistake 2: Stress and/or Lack of Sleep
Weight loss is not all just about exercise-diet-calories thing (EDC). Other factors come into play in ones effort to lose weight. One could be placed on a diet and same exercise and one time weight loss of ten pounds will be achieved and at the other time a resultant weight gain of ten pounds will also occur, thereby foiling up the efforts of one getting good weight loss result.

What’s then responsible for this? That means, there’s something other than the exercise-diet-calories thing (EDC) in ones efforts to lose weight. The factors behind the mask in the above scenario are either too much a stress or too little a sleep.

It is important to know that if you want to have long term good success with weight loss program, you’ll need to have adequate sleep and just find a way to reduce your stress levels. Deep breathing and exercise both help for stress. Ensure you sleep well, if you can’t then see a doctor before using any pro-sleep/sleep inducing supplement. 

Mistake 3: Neglecting the Amazing Power of Ordinary Apples in Weight Loss

Apples are very good sources of dietary fiber during weight loss. Many people tend to undermine the amazing powers of apple due to its simplicity and availability and resort to more expensive and complex combinations which may not effectively work at the long run.


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