Dietary Fat Promotes Weight Loss

Brian Sater Writes:
Most people think fat is bad for weight loss. Discover the real truth behind fats and how they benefit your overall health and fat loss.

It doesn't seem right. Your natural thought is that you have to keep fat out of your diet so that you lose weight, right? Well, yes and no. Dietary fat is actually an essential nutrient. It can promote the loss of fat from your body.

If you eat carbohydrates, your body will break those carbs down and digest them. As your body goes through this process, it burns energy. If you eat proteins, it does the same. If you consume dietary fat? It doesn't matter. Your body still breaks it down and digests it.

So what determines whether or not you gain weight? Energy that comes in to your body and energy leaving is your total energy balance.

One of the reasons that you want to eat fat is because dietary fats makes sure you aren't hungry for a while. That's because fats take a long time to digest. If you have a non-fat meal, you will be hungry sooner. Just a few grams of fat will satisfy you for hours.

You need to be making sure you are getting the right nutrients into your body. Dietary fats help with the absorption of minerals and vitamins in your body. Make sure you choose the right kind of fats, though.

Unsaturated fats and omega fats are the best to support your complete health. Here are some examples of bad fats and good fats.

Good fats are things like olive oils, nut butters and nuts, flax seeds and other seeds, fish, and one of my favorites, avocados.

Fried foods are one of the worst ways to get bad fat. Dairy with high fat in it, snack foods with high fat, high fat meats, and trans fats are all fats to avoid.

Remember that fats are dense calories so you do want to be aware of them. Make sure you are including good measures of vegetables in your diet. I will tell you that I like to keep some of favorite nuts around for snacks.

One of my favorite treats is a mix of pistachios, almonds, and cashews. However, just like you don't want to open a bag of chips and sit and eat the whole bag (or eat chips at all), take a handful of nuts so you don't just keep eating them.

You can also choose coconut milk. How can you use coconut milk? You can add it to yogurt, oatmeal, or put into a smoothie. I have smoothie ideas on my blog.

A good recommendation for fat loss is to make sure you are eating proteins, fats, and vegetables as the main part of your diet. Fruit and grains should be considered treats. Don't pile fruits and grains up on your plate. Those are the foods that should be considered treats.

I hope you were able to understand the importance of healthy fats as part of your diet. Don't forget to include them for good weight loss because they targeting your fat.

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Exercising before breakfast lets you lose extra weight, a British study has found

Men who exercised before their morning meal also had lower levels of  fat in their blood

But experts add that weight-loss takes a long time

If you are heading to the gym or pounding the pavements in the hope of losing weight, try to do it before you eat your breakfast.

Exercising before the first meal of the day is more effective than after it, a British study has found.

Not only does working up a sweat on an empty stomach burn off more body fat – helping you lose those extra inches around the waist – it also triggers a  bigger reduction in artery-clogging blood fats.

Although the benefits of exercise are well-known, people have been unsure about whether it is better to do it on an empty stomach or a full one.

Dr Jason Gill, who conducted the research at Glasgow University, said that while exercise in itself is good, any done before breakfast may be extra beneficial, because it forces the body to rely on its stores of fat for energy.

‘When people talk about losing weight, they really mean losing fat,’ he added.

Ten men made three visits to his laboratory at the university’s Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, and were given breakfast each time.

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