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The weight loss-fat loss diet fitness exercise and health mistakes we make over and over

 Every so often, we all been there one time or another – that is taking a friend or a colleague out for lunch break and you were strongly hoping that you will strictly adhere and abide by your normal and regular healthy, weight loss and fat loss diet. So you place order for a spinach salad with some quantities of healthy living olive oil and vinegar dressing topped with well grilled chicken as source of protein. Just when you are about to feel pompous of yourself—after all, you have got some protein from the chicken part, weight loss enhancing fiber and healthy health antioxidants from the spinach and the mono-unsaturated fats/oil from the virgin olive oil—your friend’s pizza abruptly shows up. 
Now you are complaining since you want that pizza as well. What you are passing through now is a state of cognitive dissonance. You are trying to balance the menu choice you made which is constant with your weight loss, fat loss fitness goals as against the instant satisfaction of the pizza which will not, in the long run help one in weight loss, fat loss, healthy living and fitness. Something has to give and to be given out, and it is always you. You desire to stay the weight loss diet course but in the end you give in and split a dessert, hence undermining your healthy living desire, weight loss goals and your fat loss diet plan.

Most of us carry out this psychological/mind bargain blunder over and over again and it can impair our efforts towards our goals/targets for weight loss, fat loss, fitness and weightloss/fatloss healthy living. Whilst splitting partly a dessert is not going to damage an otherwise well planned weight loss diet or weight loss workout program plan, decline that grows and expands will certainly do. Decline is reverting back to unhelpful behaviors that may weaken your weight loss goals and fat loss target. And it may develop from the least weight loss failure to the gravest collapse of efforts in fat loss, obesity preventing and weight loss.

Let us carry on with the above circumstances and see where it may lead one to if decline in efforts in fat loss and weight loss diets/workouts were to develop and advance. After dessert you are feeling at fault because you fell off your weight loss fitness plan/program. At this moment, you can quickly leap right back on, but no not now, as you may think/or have thought, “I have ruined my weight loss healthy living diet at the moment, I can as well consume whatever I want to eat for dinner and then adjust back to healthy weight loss diet program tomorrow or the next few days. 
General and basic thought wisdom makes us understand that, ‘’if we are in a blind-end or an endless hole, we ought to stop digging further. Regrettably, logic does not frequently prevail when it comes to food and dieting for weight loss or fat loss. Tomorrow still comes and you will certainly carry over the poor eating/dieting habit to the following day and the next day after. Very soon the week comes to an end and certainly there are social functions/parties to attend, family meetings/gatherings, not a good time to be dieting for weight loss, healthy living or fat loss. “I will probably start on a fresh note on Monday Morning” is what that will certainly come to your mind and the time keeps rolling afar as your targets for weight loss keep drifting.

It is quiet easy to see how one’s mental bargain/argument/or analysis can be devastating and keeps one from achieving his/her weight loss, fat loss and healthy living goals. But there is a way out of this challenge.

You can just start by making using of a diet weight loss or fat loss log or weight loss journal to record not only what you eat but how you feel during those moments of enticement to deviate from your weight loss healthy living diet schedule or plan.
 Try and keep the weight loss diet journal up to date on a daily basis. This will allow you to assess and adjust your weight loss dieting and fat loss workouts in line with the progress which you’re making (or lack of) and renew your motivation for weight loss. This will make it harder to lengthen your period of waning, confining it to a single meal or at most one per day thereby helping your health and weight loss.

Secondly, since you are good at mind bargain, make an agreement to reward yourself for every good behavior that will add progress to your weight loss. For instance, if you make it through those appealing social moments like dinners out, assure yourself a new look or movie at the end of the working week. If you can psychologically alternate a substantial incentive for the instantaneous one represented by the not so healthy diet/weight loss diet choice, it becomes an easier bargain to handle and accept.

In conclusion, agree to the fact that you will slip up intermittently and cheat on your weight loss diet. But have a plan in place to reduce the break. Mastering that takes practice but if you do get it right back on the track, you will find that your self restraint/control will augment and it will become easier the next time you feel like declining and making your weight loss aim better for fitness.

Weight loss is not easy, and can never be easy, and weight loss/fat loss takes time, self discipline and proper health planning especially in the areas of weight loss diet, workout, fat loss and aerobic fitness exercises in order to keep your heart/cardiovascular system very healthy. Being thoughtful of the common errors that people make while trying to lose weight will also be very helpful to you in your healthy living efforts as well as fat loss and in weight loss.


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