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Here are update secrets 1-4..Other TIPS HERE*** to help inspire you to lose that weight fast!

Do you find yourself eating whether you’re truly hungry or not? If you do, it’s time to listen to what your tummy is telling you. While it’s never a good idea to wait to eat until you’re famished, it’s also not the best idea to eat just because there is food in front of you.

If you have established meal times, eat at the times you’ve set. However, if you’re not tremendously hungry, only eat what is necessary to provide your body with the fuel it needs to carry on. You should never let food tell you when to eat. Always let your body tell you when it needs to eat food.

Many people suggest that snacking is a no-no. However, if you snack sensibly, that mid-afternoon munch may very well be the thing that keeps you from gorging yourself when you get home.

Carry a bag of nonfat snacks with you at all times. Foods such as carrots, apple slices, and raisins make excellent sensible snacks. Even though air-popped popcorn contains one gram of fat per serving, it makes a great and totally filling snack option - be sure to keep the butter away!

When it comes to your favorite steaming hot beverage of choice, drink whatever you please. By themselves, tea and coffee aren’t going to cause you to pack on the pounds.

However, when you add one lump or two or pour in that packet of cream, you’ve just upped the fat factor. Did you know that having a cup of tea or coffee with whole cream and at least two cubes of sugar is as fattening as having a big piece of rich chocolate cake? Keep your coffee and tea simple, and your waistline will thank you for it!

If you love fat, eat as much fried food as you can get your hands on. However, if you’re serious about losing weight and want to do so in a safe and healthy way, stay away from fried food.

Since they’re most often cooked in high fat oils, fried foods are packed not only with crunchiness but with a fabulous amount of fat. Instead of cooking and eating fried foods, try baking instead. Baking is by far the healthier method of food preparation and helps food retain many of its natural flavors more robustly than frying does.

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Weight loss Diet Update

Let’s get started right away with tips 1-5… Other Tips HERE FOR GUIDE: Your weight loss is closer than you think!

Repeat the following mantra: Vegetables are my friends. Vegetables are my friends. Vegetables are my friends. When it comes to losing pounds, there is no doubt: Vegetables are your best friends. Nature offers you a nutritious and delicious spread of low-to-no-calorie treats for every meal of your day.

Whether in a side dish, a salad, a snack, or the main show, take the vegetables with you, even when you’re on the go. And remember: Fresh, uncooked vegetables are better for you than cooked or canned vegetables. Cooked vegetables lose nearly half of their vitamins.

It’s happened to everybody, including you. You’re driving down the street and see the fast food joint. In one ear, you hear, “Eat Intelligently, Live Well, Lose the Weight.” In your other ear, you hear “French Fries, Grease, Mayonnaise, Mmmm.”

Never eat something simply because you see it in front of you. Always ask yourself whether your body really needs what you’re about to put into it. When you’ve achieved your weight loss goal through intelligent eating, you’ll wonder how you ever lived any differently.

Watch what you eat. Literally. Be on the lookout for those sneaky garnishes, sauces, side dishes, and desserts. They may seem harmless enough, but often, they’re loaded with excess fat and empty calories.

If you love the mayonnaise, the salad dressing, or the sprinkle of cheese - be sure to keep it low or no fat. The excuse that you “didn’t know the hamburger came with mayonnaise” won’t cut it anymore. When you’re looking for calories to cut, be sure to look under every bun!

If you have a sweet tooth, you know how difficult it is to give up your candy craving of choice. Whether it’s cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate, or even chocolate cupcake ice cream, the key is not always complete denial but learning to control your craving.

If a low calorie, low fat alternative exists for your favorite treat, indulge with moderation for a special occasion. And remember to always be gentle with yourself. You are on a path to a newer, better, healthier you - treat yourself sweetly, and the path will be that much kinder to you in the long run.

Set a standard time that you will eat each of your main meals every day. Fixing a time will allow your body to establish a regular routine and create an ideal situation for your metabolism to do what it needs to do to help you lose weight.
If you miss your times by more than 30 minutes, your body will begin to get confused. You’ll either find yourself at a loss of appetite or have that famished feeling - both of which will eventually find you stuffing yourself with more than is required the next time you eat. To give yourself all the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goals, set a meal time and stick to it!

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Weight Loss for Serious Minded Healthy Weight Watchers

If you are truly serious about learning how to lose weight and experience a healthy, happier life quickly and easily, I hope you will take the time to read each installment.

In fact, you might consider printing out each installment so you can have them all in one place when you need to refer back to them in the future.

Let’s get started right away with tips 1-5… Your weight loss is just a step away!

1.    Water (H2O) - It’s the Only Way to Go!

What does your neighbor’s pet dog, the trees in your yard, and you have in common? You all need water. All living things must have water to survive. As one of the main movers and shakers in your body, water is a key part of urine, perspiration, and the proper digestion of food. Water also keeps your joints lubricated and your mouth salivating.

To keep your body running smoothly, you require no less than 2 ½ quarts of water a day - for those of you counting, that’s 10 cups of water a day. Despite all its beneficial qualities to the body, the best thing about water for the dieter is that is has no calories at all. So, drink, drink, and drink more H2O - it’s the only way to go!

2.    Your Dentist Will Thank You.

Stay away from sweetened drinks, especially sodas. In the world of weight loss, sodas mean sugar, and sugar means calories, and calories mean more work for you if you want to achieve your weight loss goals.

Although the makers might try to confuse you with a label that reads “high fructose corn syrup”, the result is the same: countless empty calories. If you must drink sodas, then make them diet… just like you are! Better yet, fuel up with a bottle of water!

3.    Get Your Melons Here! Fresh, Ripe Fruit Every Day!

Did you know that many fruits and vegetables are filled to the skin with water? It’s true. Watermelons and tomatoes are over 90% water, while citrus and apples have more than 85% water under their shiny skin.

Be sure to include fruits and vegetables in your diet that contain more water, like tomatoes and watermelons. With such high water content, when you feast on these natural treats, you’ll fill up without filling out!

4.    Fresh Is Best!

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables rather than buying their canned equivalents. When you’re hungry, it’s tempting to buy that bright and colorfully-labeled can rather than going with the fresh choice and making it yourself.

But, remember this: Canned fruits and vegetables, and even many fruit juices, are often sweetened with additional sugars, flavors, and colors. Add to that the fact that unprocessed fruits and vegetables retain more of their natural vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and there’s no good reason to go the way of the can.

Why sacrifice the super taste of the real thing with a hyped-up sugary alternative? Keep it natural. Keep it fresh. Keep it real!

5.    Where’s the Fiber?

Almost everyone has heard that fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. But do you know why it’s important? And do you know where to get it?

At its most basic state, fiber is important because it aids the digestion process from start to finish:

·         Fiber slows down the eating process.
·         It plays a role in the feeling of being full.
·         It makes food seem more satisfying because the contents of the stomach are larger and remain there longer.
·         It slows digestion and absorption, which keeps blood sugar on a more constant level.

Where can you find fiber? Fiber can be found in foods such as:

·         Whole grains
·         Legumes
·         Some fruits and vegetables
·         Wheat bran
·         Nuts
·         Barley

With tips like these, it’s never been easier to start losing weight today.

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Shocking Weight Loss Secrets

Here’s Your 25 Shocking Weight Loss Secrets

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If you’ve decided that it’s time to get healthy but don’t know how to start, don’t worry - read on.

Weight loss and good health begin with one simple yet very important action; one that will change your life forever.

Before a single pound can be shed, before you put on your first pair of jogging shoes, you need to make a decision - you need to decide whether you really want to be healthy.

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to be healthy? But, the reality is - that in making this decision - you are choosing to affirm your self-worth as you say to yourself and to the world, “No matter how long it takes, no matter how hard the path, I’m going to get healthy. I am going to achieve my weight loss goals, and I’m going to do it because I’m worth it.”

To be successful, you have to make this decision and affirmation. You have to do it for yourself.

Once you’ve made the decision, there will be no more delays. No more putting it off until Monday. No more looking for the perfect diet. And definitely no more fad diets that cost you tons of money and end up not working.

Once you’ve made the commitment to honor yourself and to establish and achieve your weight loss and health goals, you have already taken the first step on your path to well being.

In the days that follow, you’ll be receiving 25 of the most shocking secrets to weight loss that nobody is talking about.

These are daily tips, ideas, and reminders that will help you achieve your weight loss and health goals.

It’s my special way of saying ‘Thank You’ for trusting me with your health and well being.

To Your Health, Irem Bright , MD

Weight loss Mistakes to Avoid

Grave Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Would you want to know how one can lose weight up to the tune of 20 pounds just in two weeks? If you answered YES and truly seek for a successful weight loss program, then you should first of all have the clear knowledge of the mistakes to avoid when seeking to lose weight, which many people make when trying to lose weight fast.

Some of these mistakes which are common are not part of what I call the grave mistakes. The common ones like “don’t starve yourself, not drinking enough water, etc”… are already well known and I’ll skip them and give you the grave mistakes which if done will tell heavily on you and spoiling your target of losing weight.

Before starting to lose twenty pounds in two weeks, just remember it will come so easy, but the end justifies the means when you have a success story to tell if you can avoid these mistakes.
Mistake 1: Eating Heavily, then Targeting to “Make Up for It” at your Next Meal

This is very wrong and terribly bad. Your aim of weight loss will be jeopardized if you eat a lot for a meal then the next meal you don’t eat enough. The effect this has is that slows and slurs the body’s metabolic rate (Basal Metabolism). 
This is the reason why starvation-based weight loss plan don’t really work at the long run. There’s what we call pseudo weight loss: a situation whereby you first temporarily lose weight, and the body bounces back with heavier weight gain in compensation for the long period starvation. This is the “survival strategy” which the body adopts. Read on how weight loss was achieved in the 5th day here*

When that happens, it’ll retain extra fat to help you “survive”. So NEVER Try To Make Up For Eating Too Much.

Mistake 2: Stress and/or Lack of Sleep
Weight loss is not all just about exercise-diet-calories thing (EDC). Other factors come into play in ones effort to lose weight. One could be placed on a diet and same exercise and one time weight loss of ten pounds will be achieved and at the other time a resultant weight gain of ten pounds will also occur, thereby foiling up the efforts of one getting good weight loss result.

What’s then responsible for this? That means, there’s something other than the exercise-diet-calories thing (EDC) in ones efforts to lose weight. The factors behind the mask in the above scenario are either too much a stress or too little a sleep.

It is important to know that if you want to have long term good success with weight loss program, you’ll need to have adequate sleep and just find a way to reduce your stress levels. Deep breathing and exercise both help for stress. Ensure you sleep well, if you can’t then see a doctor before using any pro-sleep/sleep inducing supplement. 

Mistake 3: Neglecting the Amazing Power of Ordinary Apples in Weight Loss

Apples are very good sources of dietary fiber during weight loss. Many people tend to undermine the amazing powers of apple due to its simplicity and availability and resort to more expensive and complex combinations which may not effectively work at the long run.

Weight Loss Result in Five Days of Weightloss Diet and Health Fitness Exercise

Should you have a strong desire, interest or very deep passion for/in weight loss such that you would like to lose up to 15 to 16 pounds of your body weight in just five days? If that is your wish, listen to my own version of weight loss story and probably either learn a lesson or achieve your set goals faster with respect to management of your weight using the weight loss program which I have used. If your interest is in losing 15 pounds in five days, then.

Should you have a strong desire, interest or very deep passion for/in weight loss such that you would like to lose up to 15 to 16 pounds of your body weight in just 5 days? If that is your wish, listen to my own version of weight loss story and probably either learn a lesson or achieve your set goals faster with respect to management of your weight using the weight loss program which I have used.

If your interest is in losing 15 pounds in 5 days, then keep reading. I’ll share my story with you, which even I still can’t believe. Just about a month ago I got so tired and fed up with the way I am looking and the weight I am carrying.

I’ve always had a slim fit appearance, and just found myself putting on a lot of weight especially around my waist. I said, this must stop, and I began my strong quest to get rid off the fats and look normal and no more obese during which I found this weight loss program and little efforts, I followed it and the result is great as you can view my shape before and after here and see that the difference is clear.

Day One

On waking up from sleep, I mount the scale and weighing 235lbs. I made my breakfast which is very vital if you would expect the best results from good weight loss programs. It has been proven that people who eat breakfast have better results losing weight. And, I also commenced a thirty minute light exercise (jogging) from the hour of 5.30am to the hour of 6.00am.


Day Two

I engaged in a five to six times divided smaller meals instead of three big heavy meals. This really increased the body’s metabolic rate (BMR) and making it easier and faster to burn up fat deposits. I then did another round of thirty minutes exercise with intermittent strength-training exercise.


Day Three

I used the body wrap and after using it, I found that I have lost 10 pounds, great!, I congratulated myself first before reporting back to the doctor who designed the weight loss program.


Day Four

I had a break interval due to stress and wish to relax and ease off stress with just eating fruits oatmeal and drinking enough quantity of water.


Day Five

I engaged in a 30 minute vigorous walk when I woke up and then got back to use the body wrap again and that night I weighed 220lb. It has just dawned on my friends that I’ve lost 15 pounds in 5 days!

Here are few grave weight loss mistakes to avoid: Read freely on 


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