New Year's Weight Loss Resolution

Chaio B writes:

That's right! You know what your New Year's resolution is going to be; lose weight, fit into that size 5, lose the suspenders and get the belt. The reason you know that it is going to be your resolution is that it has been for years. Each year, after eating and drinking too much on New Year's Eve, you rise and decide this is going to be the year. All the diet books are resurrected and reviewed in detail. Plans are made, the appropriate foods are purchased, menus created and off you go.

The problem is that a few months down the road or let's says maybe 10 pounds it all comes crashing done. There are many reasons for this. For some, it is the March vacation to the Caribbean and for others it can be as simple as Easter dinner at mom's house. Regardless, your efforts to reduce your weight fail once more.

Why doesn't this work?

The primary reason is that it becomes an all or nothing effort. Very little planning is done, the commitment level is unattainable and the expectations are way too high. In addition, you launch into this experience with no support team, so you are totally on your own. Even the best of dieters have stretches when their will power wanes and the help of others can become essential to ultimate success.

This approach also fails because you do not have a good understanding of the diet you have chosen. Not only is it important to understand the X's and O's to coin a sports term but you need to understand why the diet will work for you. You must understand what is happening to your body as you progress. In a low carb diet, for example, there are significant chemical changes that occur and terms like Ketosis are bandied about. Knowing these and how they impact you will better prepare you for success.

In addition, you really need the time to educate yourself regarding the types of foods that are central to your diet, how to incorporate them into an acceptable menu and lastly how to prepare your meal properly. This takes time and requires some preparedness.

Prior to beginning a diet, you must know better what you didn't know at the outset. Better said, read the diet books of your choice numerous times before you start!

Why is this important?

The more prepared and tested you are the more you will be able to sustain the numerous times, during a weight loss program, that you will be tempted to stop. Most books will even address these inevitable plateaus within the context of the diets themselves. The very first thing you must do is prepare yourself to succeed not worry about failing again.

For example, if you are reading this article in the fall, use Thanksgiving and Christmas as a time to test your diet. Can you get through these "eat at all costs" times? Look for ways to choose food alternatives. Learning to balance times of excess with some restrain afterwards. If this is after New Year's, try getting through a winter vacation or Easter weekend.

In each of these examples, there is no need to be on a strict diet at the time, just try to make it through each of these times with, say, a low carb diet in mind. Listen to you body, pay attention to your self talk and learn from your choices.

Take this time to build your support team. Who will tell you the truth when you need it the most? Who, on the other hand, can you count on to tell you whatever you need to hear? Both are important members of your team. You should include a healthcare professional in any support team.

So what is the reward for all this effort?

The first response, although often the least important, is the weight loss. Yes you will look much better than you do now and the size 5 definitely suits you. That said, other rewards include the change in your health; the sense of satisfaction derived from the success effort and the incredible feeling of achievement that comes from meeting your targets.

Any casual internet search will deliver incredible amount of credible information regarding the health benefits of proper, reasonable weight loss. The chemical changes in your body are considerably positive and long-lasting. Emotionally, the rewards are tremendous. You did it! Yes you did! Congratulations! Everywhere you go, all who see you will comment and even envy a little.

Why? Because weight loss is not an easy thing for most people to do.

That is why you need to start preparing for your New Year's Weight Loss Resolution NOW!

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