Weight Loss Motivation

M. Dwyer

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but what about a dish best served ten or fifteen pounds lighter? Why not get back at your ex by getting into shape? Make them regret what they gave up by shedding those few extra pounds and tighten up to a firm body. Make them regret walking away by showing them what they are missing out on.

Emotional Fuel
You're heartbroken and you're angry. Everyone is after a break up, but that heartbreak and anger can be a great motivator. Turn your excess emotion into the fuel you need to get off that couch, put away those potato chips and get moving. Emotions are powerful and can be the best motivation you need to lose that weight. Whenever you feel down or angry about the situation, go for a run. Hit the weights (or a punching bag!). Expend that energy in constructive means, like exercise, and you will see the weight fall off quickly. Don't allow yourself to wallow. Get angry. Get moving. Get back at that bum with a rocking body.

Put the Junk Food Down!
Yes, your first inclination to drown your sorrows is to grab a tub of ice cream and cry yourself to sleep, but this will do more harm than good. If you feed your emotions, instead of allowing your emotions to fuel you, you will inevitably put on weight. This extra weight will just make you more miserable, causing you to eat even more. You put on more weight. You're still miserable. Do you see the pattern emerging here? Don't feed your misery. Instead of reaching for that pint or several pints of ice cream, reach for an apple or carrot sticks. Love yourself enough to give your body the proper nutrition it needs. Feeding your emotions will not bring your ex back, nor will it do anything other than make you feel miserable. So step away from the junk, fill your body with good food, and hit the gym. You will be surprised how well you will feel when you do.

Heartbreak can drive a person to unhealthy habits, but it doesn't have to. Take your anger and heartbreak and allow it to be the motivation you need to look good and feel great. After a while, the exercise and weight loss won't be about your ex, but it will be about you and how you feel. Proper nutrition and exercise can replace those self-doubts and help you realize the great person you are. In the end, you will see that you want to be healthy for yourself, and not anyone else, and making your ex jealous will just be an added perk.

Weight loss comes with a proper diet and exercise program, but once you set your goal, you may find that it is difficult to get the weight loss started or to lose those last few pounds. If this is the case, a natural weight loss supplement may be the thing you need. A natural weight loss supplement can kick start your weight loss and help you achieve your weight loss goals with ease.

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