Weight loss: 'How I lost 29 kg in one year'

Readers share the stories and strategies behind their weight loss.

Last week, we invited you to share your diet and exercise strategies with us.

Here is another response from T R Sriniwas, who has lost 29 kg over the past year:

It started off in November 2011. I weighed 114 kg and was not even able to breathe properly when climbing stairs or driving. I had a problem with severe snoring and sleep apnea. I used to eat pizza every alternate day, and drink eight to 10 cups of tea with a minimum of two heaping spoons of sugar daily. I never walked or took up any form of exercise. I used to eat a lot of white rice with ghee and fried vegetables, full of spice and salt. And I used to sleep at 10 pm every night without even waiting for my food to digest.

Since then, I have changed my routine entirely:

    Now I have a 300 ml milk protein shake in the morning for breakfast and black sugarless tea early in the morning.
    Lunch is at noon -- dry rotis, or sometimes boiled thick dalia with steamed vegetables, cooked with no more than one teaspoon of oil for tadka. I also have a lot of green salads with lunch.
    At 3 pm, I have one black sugarless tea.
    Then at 6 pm, it's another protein shake or papaya fruit bowl.
    No cooked foods in the evening -- I have eliminated rice, carbohydrate-rich fruits and tubers from my diet.
    I have stopped using elevators and take the stairs now.
    I don't forget to drink at least four to five litres of water daily.

The result of all this is that I have lost 28.5 kg till date and 12 inches off my waistline. I am determined to come down below 80 kg now.

We want you to share your weight loss story with us. Write in to getahead (at) rediff.co.in (subject line: 'How I lost weight'), with a before and after photograph, if possible and we'll feature the best entries right here!

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