Weight loss Programmes May Not Encourage to Lose weight

It is being generally considered that shows like the Biggest Loser motivate one to lose weight or get physically active. However, a new study has found the claims to be wrong.

A study being carried out by a group of researchers from University of Alberta said that they carried out a research to know the mindset of people after watching the weight loss serial and normal entertainment programme.

In order to reach at a conclusion, the study researchers carried out an experiment. In which, they divided the group of students from University of Alberta into two. One of the two groups was asked to watch the Biggest Loser clip and the other one was asked to see a clip of American Idol.

After watching their respective clips, both the groups were asked to write five viewpoints about show. They were then asked to complete a questionnaire as well as were asked to complete a computer test.

Lead author Tanya Berry said, "We did find that the people who watched The Biggest Loser had worse attitudes about physical activity than those who watched the American Idol clip". Berry concluded that programmes like the Biggest Loser may make people afraid from taking up an exercise regime.


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