Thin in 10 Weight Loss Plan transforms your body in just 10 minutes a day

Have you been using "I've got no time to diet or exercise" as an excuse for losing the battle of the bulge? Get ready to lose the alibi and the excess weight with "The Thin in 10 Weight-Loss Plan: Transform Your Body (and Life!) in Minutes a Day." Combining a book with a fitness DVD, this weight loss winner offers the tools that you need to take off those excess pounds and keep them off.

Based on the latest studies, the "Thin in 10" plan offers fat-burning exercises, tasty and easy recipes and clever tricks to keep your body burning more calories 24/7. What's great about this book: KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart) simplicity. Many diet books serve up so much science that most of us give up halfway through. You want a weight loss plan, not an advanced course in biology, when you buy a diet book, right? And that's just what authors Jessica Smith and Liz Neporent deliver. Jessica teaches at the famed Canyon Ranch Hotel and Spa, while Liz has authored many bestselling health and fitness books. They know what it takes to deliver the details needed in bite-sized steps. You'll get step-by-step photos with easy to follow instructions.

The fitness DVD that accompanies the book is divided into 10-minute workouts that are fun to follow. You can adjust them as needed. For example, you can step up the pace and pump your arms more in the Cardio Quickie segment, or slow it down and let your arms rest at your sides. My tip: Put the DVD in when you're watching TV. Every time that a commercial comes on, press that Play button and do a quick workout instead of watching an ad for a bacon sundae!



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