# Weight Loss, Garlic supports Healthy Dieting

The health magazine, Health.am, has reported research that has been done at the Weizmann Institute in Israel showing that garlic has been recognized for its health benefits such as preventing heart ailments, diabetes and cancer. Researchers are also endorsing the fact that garlic supports healthy dieting and helps in the reduction of body weight. It contains that vital compound called allicin that suppresses appetite and helps people in losing weight.

Allicin has been known to reduce the blood pressure, triglyceride and insulin levels in the animals tested in the laboratories. These animals were fed a diet that was rich in sugar. It has been published in a study in the American Journal of Hypertension that animals that had developed high levels of insulin, blood pressure and triglycerides had their levels reduced by the intake of allicin. It went on to control their levels. During the research, rats were also fed allicin and observed for few days. They did not gain weight but the rats in the other group that were not fed the garlic compound did gain weight.

Diana Herrington, Author of `Eating Green and Lean’, writing for the Care2 Magazine, says that “Garlic acts as an appetite suppressant as it gives the brain signals of satiety when it is eaten.” A person with the daily dose of garlic would be inclined to eat less during the day. Garlic has also been known to increase the metabolism rate of our body. The American Journal of Hypertension states that garlic stimulates the nervous system to release the adrenaline hormone which increases the rate of metabolism. This high rate of metabolism can help a person to burn more calories and eventually lose weight.

Garlic can be used widely in the daily diet towards weight loss. It can be used in the dishes cooked or it can be used in the salads. Garlic bread also can be eaten along with other garlic products to keep your weight in check and reduce it gradually. It is popular because it is economically priced and easy to find in the food markets.

As per the American Journal of Hypertension, garlic has also been considered herbal drug. It has been used in many civilizations as a cure for common cold, influenza and even the plague. Garlic has also helped to make the body more resistant to various allergies. It helps loosen and release the plaque from the walls of the arteries. It has also been considered as the best option to eliminate parasites like pin worms from your body. Garlic is packed with many nutrients and vitamins.

Garlic may have been called the `stinking rose’ in the world but it is known for more than its odor. It is an aphrodisiac and is very beneficial for your health. Garlic gets its odor properties from a sulphur compound. These compounds are known for their pungent odors.


To read more about the benefits of garlic as a supplement for healthy dieting, you may explore http://www.health.am/weightloss/more/garlic-for-weight-loss/.


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