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Diet plays a major role in weight loss. As most dieticians say, it is 30% exercise and 70% diet when it comes to fitness and weight loss. This means, one needs to be conscious and mindful about what they eat for every meal. But does that equate to eating tasteless and boring food all the time while others enjoy tasty meals? No! Even if you are on a weight loss diet, you can make your meals interesting and tasty by cooking in a healthy manner or replacing the fatty ingredients of your favorite recipes with healthier options. Here are some options for you.


Start your day with a healthy shake. This will not only keep you full for longer but also ensure that you get all the benefits of papaya, orange and banana. This is an anti-cholesterol shake which means that it is good for your heart as well.


If you are a non vegetarian, you can opt for a healthy chicken stew. This dish also consists of a lot of veggies so you get their nutrients too. If you are a vegetarian, you can make chana soya masala. It is a low-calorie recipe but it will entice your taste buds as it has a mix of spices. A healthy lunch will keep you full for longer without many hunger pangs.

Evening snacks

Snacks are probably the most difficult meal to control when it comes to weight loss as there are a lot of options like junk food, frozen food and other quick bites. So it is best if you have a healthier alternative ready before you start gorging on something unhealthy like fries, burgers, etc. Try making cucumber pancakes.


A light dinner is a good way to end the day and nothing is more healthy than a salad. Try making this healthy leafy salad which has a host of lettuce leaves. Even if you want to eat something else for dinner, have a bowl of salad before it. This way, you will be quite full and you won’t indulge too much into eating the main course.


Tasty recipes for weight loss

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