hCGTreatments,Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Develops Industry Leading Weight Loss App for Apple Platform

Weight loss apps for mobile devices are the newest technological advancement in dieting. Diet Doc developed an industry leading mobile app to guide clients during their weight transformation.
Los Angeles.

The dieting industry has begun to more intricately incorporate technology into their operating procedures, realizing the potential of mobile apps for weight loss centered on the ability to track progress and provide quick information regarding dietary choices. 

Grasping this trend earlier than most, Diet Doc recently revamped their weight loss app to include a larger database of food information, more detailed meal planning and calorie tracking, and handy reminders alerting dieters of key dietary tasks throughout the day, like drinking more water or eating scheduled meals. 

The leader in hCG diets teamed up with a leader in mobile apps, Apillicious to design this intuitive dieting tool. This mobile app further lends accountability to dieters struggling with poor decision making, allowing them to review their food choices and pre-plan meals in order to pre evaluate calorie, fat, carbohydrate, and other nutrition content whose monitoring is imperative if results are to be had. 

The Diet Doc App allows users to monitor their diet through all 4 phases, counting calories, proteins, and allowing users to monitor every nuance of their diet. 

The Diet Doc app contains over 30 individual and unique features, including an extensive 5,000+ food database to give dieters information about the most common diet friendly foods, daily meal planning and supplement tracking, calculating time remaining until the users goal weight is achieved, and many more intuitive weight management features.
  •     To view a list of all features available with this mobile diet app, visit Apple's itunes store here: iTunes
The Diet Doc diet App is intended to help clients reach their weight loss goals quickly, and provide a tangible reference for learning how to maintain healthy habits and long term weight management. 

This app is capable of guiding dieters through the initial phase of losing weight, and offers continual support through lifelong weight maintenance, providing a useful reference for nutritional values and accountability to prevent poor dietary decisions

Diet Doc is the nation's leader in prescription only, pure hCG weight loss plans, offering the most comprehensive and successful collection of prescription and non-prescription diet products and services. For over a decade, Diet Doc has been producing the most effective results, safely and at a fraction of the cost of expensive alternatives. 

Pricing plans are available to fit even the tightest budget, making weight loss affordable for anyone nationwide via the most advanced Telehealth system in America.

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