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You might have probably heard of weight loss programs, like Weight Watchers or Slimming World. But an appraisal of study has shown that treatments where people interrelate with a computer program/software are also effective at helping people lose weight and keeping body weight completely off – the computer program weight loss.

From fad diets to parting with your hard earned cash in an attempt to join a gym or slimming club – there are lots of ways out there to attempt to lose that excess weight. This appraisal of research, available in the Cochrane Library, observed at whether interactive computer-based programs are supportive for losing and maintaining body weight/flat tummy. Naturally, the weight loss results suggest that this method of helping people lose excess body weight was more effective compared to minimal or no effort at all. However, weight loss programs that involve having face-to-face contact with a counselor still seem to be more real when it comes down to shedding the pounds of body weight or maintaining a healthy weight loss.

It is not a surprise to any of us that being over-weight or obese are public health problems that increase your risk of developing a number of health problems, plus diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease (CHD). The World Health Organization has projected that by 2015 the number of people who will be overweight or obese will raise from 1 billion to 1.5 billion people globally. As the number of people continues to increase, the requirement for practical and effective weight loss and maintenance programs has become more important than ever. Treatment programs where people can interact with a computer could be helpful for those who find that travel and time would stop them from participating in a face-to-face involvement.

Although it is great to see research in this area, it did involve a small number of studies and there were many differences in the type of weight loss programs people did. With the rise in the number of people using weight loss apps on smart phones and engaging on social networking sites, it would be interesting to see what affect these have on weight loss and maintenance.

For now, if you want to shift your excess weight, the best way is to improve your diet and eating habits and at the same time increase the amount of physical activity you do.

It’s also important that you follow these simple tips. Firstly, don’t crash diet as slow, steady weight loss is more likely to last than dramatic weight change. Secondly, stay away from fad diets, where you eat a very limited range of food to try and lose weight. Although they may help with short-term weight loss, you will always put the weight back on as soon as you return to your usual diet. Finally, set yourself realistic, achievable targets and don’t forget to reward yourself when you meet your targets, such as a trip to the cinema or a beauty treatment.

Just recall, everybody is different. What works for your friend may not continuously work for you. So, attempt a technique that best suits your lifestyle to help you shift the pounds. Going back to essentials by eating less and doing more physical body exercise might just be the answer you are looking for effective weight loss.


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